Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Great Sales, Marketing and PR Tips on Donny Deutsch

My good friend, Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid and Beyond Booked Solid, appeared on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch last night. The show was titled, “Ultimate Playbook: The New Art of Selling.” The program was full of great energy and very well done.

Here’s the lineup – and I must say – any and all of these guests would make great keynote speakers for law firm and corporate events! To view what all the guests had to say about the bottom line, click here.

Lisa Robertson - Host, QVC
Lisa Robertson has sold millions of dollars worth of merchandise as one of the all-star hosts of QVC with her own show, "PM Style."

Joe Maloof - Palms Casino, Sacramento Kings
Joe Maloof is the eldest son in a family business that owns everything from the Palms Casino in Las Vegas to the Sacramento Kings.. And his family built this empire by knowing the fundamentals of selling.

Donna Flagg - President, The Krysalis Group
Donna Flagg has spent more than 15 years in sales and trains people gain inner-confidence to sell themselves.

Kendra Scott - Founder, Kendra Scott Jewelry
Kendra Scott had no experience in sales until she put herself to the test and discovered a talent for selling millions with her jewelry line, Kendra Scott Jewelry

Michael Port - Author, The Contrarian Effect and Beyond Booked Solid
Michael Port has coached more than 20-thousand business owners in the art of selling and is the best-selling author of "The Contrarian Effect: Why it Pays to take Typical Sales Advice and do the Opposite."

Guy Kawasaki - Garage Technology Ventures
Guy Kawasaki is the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, and the ultimate decision maker for new business owners trying to make the sale of a lifetime.

Dave Lakhani - Author, The Art of Getting What You Want
Dave Lakhani is a master of persuasion... His latest book is called "Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want."

Janine Driver - Body Language Expert
The woman who knows the code of body language better than anyone is Janine Driver, the human lie-detector who's spent more than a decade with the Department of Justice, and trained more than 30-thousand police officers in how to LISTEN... with their EYES.

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Anonymous said...

I am the President of a finance company called Esquire Capital. We needed help with our marketing materials, branding the company and name recognition. After meeting with a number of different companies, we retained Donna Flagg and the Krysalis Group and it was one of the best business decisions we ever made. Donna is one of the greatest communicators I've ever met. This skill set enables Donna to ascertain from her clients the information necccesary to truly understand the client, the client's business and the client's needs. She is then, along with her talented team, able to get that message out in a professional manner that captures the true essence of the company! In a word, AMAZING!!!