Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Building Your Practice Through Public Relations

Today lawyers are becoming more aware of the impact and power of public relations. One result of this new understanding is that they realize that public relations is not going to increase business overnight. Public relations for law firms is a long-term strategy that incorporates many different approaches to achieve the firm’s goals. Some of the most important approaches utilized to create a long-term effective strategy include:

• Building a Portfolio – having newspaper or magazine articles about your firm, which gives you credibility

• Obtaining Reference – speaking invitations usually require recommendations from prior presentations

• Creating a Data Base – once you obtain numerous names or business cards they should be put into a data base of prospects which should be used for future mailings

• Cross-Selling – make current clients aware of additional firm capabilities

A strategic collaboration of such approaches can provide a positive impact for any firm willing to make the long-term commitment to a well-planned public relations program.