Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Public Relations vs. Advertising - What You Must Consider
Before deciding to pursue a media relations program, you must remember that the ability to control the content (advertising) of the message decreases its credibility. Securing media coverage increases the credibility of the message. The desire for credibility is much the same as serving homemade food; it’s often better than store-bought and it takes longer to prepare but the rewards are great. Just as it’s much easier to purchase food ready-made it is also easier to create an advertisement and to purchase the ad space for placement. Media exposure enhances the reputation of the quoted individual by connecting it to the credibility of the media outlet, but it also places the content of the message at the mercy of the reporters, anchors and editors. Much like homemade food – you cannot always guarantee the outcome. This risk is unavoidable. To control the content, you must pay for the privilege through advertising.