Friday, December 12, 2003

Helpful Pitching Tips - Reaching the Media

A vital component of legal marketing is “good press” and in order to obtain “good press” you must understand how to best relate to reporters.

The worst time to contact a reporter is during their “deadline”. If you try to contact a reporter while on “deadline” most likely he will not be very receptive to your story. Always ask if it is a good time before discussing your story with a reporter.

Reporters receive hundreds of stories every week so it is important that your story stands out from the rest. Research the reporter before contacting him. Know the reporter’s beat (what are the sources for most of his article and what types of articles does he write). Be familiar with articles that the reporter has written in the past (if you can, tie in one of these articles to your pitch). Be specific and brief – this will show the reporter that you are not wasting his time.

It is also helpful to understand that a reporter working for a daily publication will be very interested in a news story that he himself can break to the public. On the other hand, reporters working for weekly publications are more interested in detailed, comprehensive information, and how that information will affect the business community. Be sure to modify your story accordingly.

Use of the above suggestions can help create a more positive response from reporters for your story.