Friday, March 11, 2005

Television Interview Tips

Plan your attire.
-Don't wear White. It glows and it becomes the most noticeable thing on the TV screen.
-Don't wear black; it is too harsh and can suck up all the light. Solid colors work best. (This applies for long interviews only.)
-Don’t wear busy patterns; Thin stripes or busy tweeds and prints produce distracting onscreen effects – this applies to ties and prints on shirts and ladies’ scarves. Pastel shirts work well on TV.
-Don’t wear bright reds; they “bleed” on camera and are distracting. (However, a red accent is powerful)
-Be wrinkle-free.

Wear makeup. If you don’t wear powder on your nose, forehead and face, you will look shiny, oily and plastic. Make sure the powder makeup you use is the same color as your skin, not lighter and not darker. Also be sure to blot your face with a paper towel or napkin before the program begins.

Men: Keep your jacket buttoned. This will keep your tie in place, your suit symmetrical.

Watch other people being interviewed on the same program prior to your interview – look to see what they wear, the background colors on the set, and how it comes across. Then, watch the program with the sound off and see what mannerisms are distracting to you. Don’t repeat them.

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