Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Understanding the Attorney You’re Trying to Market

By Gina F. Rubel, Esq.

When an attorney in your firm wants to know how to be more successful, it’s important that you give her the tools to succeed. However, in order to provide tools, you first have to know what she’s trying to build.

Business development, marketing and public relations tactics works for attorneys and can be done ethically and professionally – but it’s first important to gather a bit more information about the individual. Engage her in an initial dialogue to find out what she might enjoy getting involved in based on who she is in life and in business? Get her to answer:

-What are your personal goals and objectives regarding your book of business?

-What industries do you most enjoy working with?

-What are your business goals for the coming year?

-Have you reached out to your referral base and network of colleagues recently? If so, how? If not, are you interested in reaching out to these thought leaders with X? [X being whatever your firm does to nurture the low hanging fruit.]

-Do you enjoy writing articles for trade, news and industry publications? If so, what are some of the topics you’re most passionate about? Where would you like to see your articles published?

-Do you enjoy presenting / speaking at trade, news and industry forums and/or seminars? If so, what are some of the topics you’re most passionate about? Are there any venues you’d be interested in attending as a speaker? Is there anyone you’ve been trying to meet? What industry associations does he/she participate in?

-Do you currently participate in pro bono or volunteer work? [Depending on the answer and how full her bucket is:] Would you be interested in taking on additional pro bono / volunteer work?

-Are you involved in any industry / trade associations? Then find out to what extent she’s involved and what else she can be doing [especially with Young Lawyers groups] to network herself among colleagues and peers.

People are most successful when they participate in business development, marketing and public relations tactics that fit within their personal likes and dislikes. There’s always an opportunity lurking around the corner – especially when one is passionate about what they do.

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