Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Communicating Effectively With Web Designers

Posted by Amanda Walsh and Laura Powers

Our Vice President of Marketing, Laura Powers weighs in on the article, “How to: Communicate Needs & Expectations to Web Designers.” 

There are some relevant points that are outlined in the article, but Laura notes that one thing the article overlooks is the strategy behind developing pieces that need to be designed. Below, she adds her tips for communicating with the designer during the creative process.

One of the most critical parts of communicating needs and expectations with a designer is strategic planning. By developing a company’s communications plan that identifies target audiences and outlines key messages (among other things) before engaging a designer, professional designers will be better equipped to begin the creative process.

A large piece of design development is evoking emotion with visual elements. When developing a brand, creating print collateral or extending an online presence, a company’s strategic communications plan will guide the design of the materials by identifying how the company wants to be perceived in the marketplace and influence its audiences. In this way, the planning process becomes a foundational cornerstone of working effectively with a designer.

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