Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Legal Tabloid Blogging With David Lat

I had the pleasure to hear the entertaining and informative David Lat, Founder and Managing Editor of Above the Law, speak in Philadelphia yesterday. Here are some interesting facts and takeaways from his discussion about the popular legal blog:

The blog has between 200,000 to 300,000 page views on any given day. This number can jump as high as 700,000 with a really popular story.

In-House Counsel: To expand the blog's perspective regarding in-house counsel, they will be adding two new bloggers to their roster soon: one in-house senior lawyer and one in-house junior lawyer.

Audience: Although their audience is mostly large firms, they recently introduced a new column with content targeted toward small firms.

Geography: The blog's largest reader base is in New York and D.C., with Chicago and the Bay Area close behind.

Text Tips: You can now text tips for news items to the blog at (646) 820-TIPS.

Submitting News: They do accept press releases, but tend to favor news submitted by readers because it is more organic. They try to add value and context on the blog with the stories they post.

Follow the Above The Law blog team on Twitter at @ATLBlog, @DavidLat and @ElieNYC, find them on Facebook and sign up for e-updates at the blog.

Thanks to the Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group for organizing this event.

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