Friday, April 15, 2011

Local School District To Adopt Social Media Policy

Posted by Amanda Walsh

An article in today's Intelligencer announced that the North Penn School District will put a social media policy into place that outlines what is considered acceptable and unacceptable communication between students and teachers.

This news comes in light of recent examples of teachers in the area conducting questionable or inappropriate communications with students.

In Central Bucks, teacher Natalie Munroe was suspended after her blog surfaced with posts mocking her students.

Furia Rubel CEO Gina Rubel was quoted in several news stories concerning the Munroe situation including, Natalie Munroe has been making herself heard: Good idea or bad idea? and Teacher's blog brings online issues up for debate.

Gina frequently advises clients of the major risk-management issue that a company can face by not having a social media policy. People are on social media, it’s a fact. It is important for companies and school districts both to inform employees in the proper usage of these prevalent tools.

It’s nice to see that the North Penn School District is working to come up to speed with the Web 2.0 world we live in today.

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