Thursday, September 01, 2011

Facebook Announces Changes To Sharing Options

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Facebook has rolled out some new sharing options this week— users can now tag where they are and who they’re with, as well as manage sharing settings from the status updates box.  The most interesting change is that users can change who sees a status update, photo or profile information at the time of sharing or afterwards.  Apparently, Facebook has made the privacy settings page more simplified.

Many are saying the changes to the social networking platform were done to set the platform up as a more viable competitor with Google + and its more flexible sharing options.
Other interesting changes include:

  • Users don’t need to be friends with someone to tag them in a post. 
  • Users have the option to veto a photo tag if they enable “Profile Review” option under “How Tags Work.” Users always have the control if tagged by a stranger.  (SCREEN CAPTURE)
  • From any computer, users can tag themselves at any location around the world.  Facebook’s mobile app, however, utilizes the phone’s GPS to claim any check-in deals offered by businesses. 

To see more screen captures of the changes photos, check out this article

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