Monday, August 26, 2013

LinkedIn Now Allows Users to Display Portfolio Pieces, Presentations and Videos

By Kim Tarasiewicz

LinkedIn is an online social network that allows users to display their work accomplishments, education history and other professional credentials. Its main function is to allow users to build a professional network . Out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is by far the most professional and reputable. Profiles and content are also searchable on Google and other search engines, leaving a search footprint.

LinkedIn has been a great platform for users to present their credentials in list and word form since 2009, but never had the functionality for users to upload creative materials until now. Just recently, LinkedIn added an area for users to display work such as portfolio pieces, presentations, videos and other demonstrative materials. This not only allows important portfolio pieces to be displayed, but also provides individuals and companies with a new way to promote their capabilities.

The function is located in the background section shown in the image below circled in red:

Click on Add Link and you will get this screen where you can fill in the appropriate information:

When you add the link, it will appear on your page like this, grabbing any images from the webpage you added that are available:

This is a great way to add a personal touch and brand to your LinkedIn profile.

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