Friday, June 20, 2014

Saying Good-bye to a Furia Rubel Team Member

By Sarah Larson
The Furia Rubel team bids farewell to Maggie Quinn, second from right.

Today, we bid farewell to a member of the Furia Rubel team, and are reminded that in business, as in life, change is constant.

Maggie Quinn has been a valuable addition to the Furia Rubel family for nearly a year. She took on a wide range of tasks – from writing press releases, to filing, to compiling media lists, to formatting email newsletters – with efficiency, professionalism and a willing attitude – an attribute that, most managers would agree, can make or break a team.

A 2013 graduate of Penn State, Maggie is just setting out on her career. Like so many newly minted college graduates, she is embarking on a journey that could lead her just about anywhere, both philosophically and geographically.

For now, that journey is taking her to California, where she will become an Account Coordinator at Access Communications.

Of course, Maggie’s departure from Pennsylvania means that Furia Rubel has been in hiring mode. After weeks of sorting through resumes and interviewing candidates, we have welcomed a new face to our team.

Her name?

Megan Quinn. No relation.

Because sometimes, life just works out that way.

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