Sunday, February 01, 2004

Public Relations through Computer Technology

Staying current with the rapid advances in computer technology is essential for today’s public relations practitioners. Not only does it help to make the job easier, but it also provides solutions to many problems in today’s business world.

As a result of new technologies, there are new media outlets and communication strategies available to public relations professionals. Internet technology specifically, has immensely affected public relations in several ways:

• The Internet enables effective communications regardless of international boundaries

• E-mail, due to its easy access, has become the preferred means for communications, and continued improvements enhance its usability compared to face-to-face communication

• Search engine technologies have made the Web a valuable research tool

• The potential to target columnists who cover cyberspace creates new media resources for public relations practitioners

• The Internet is becoming an increasingly popular and effective marketing tool compared to conventional media

So staying abreast of Internet technology is extremely important for public relations practitioners if you want to maintain a competitive advantage.

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