Thursday, December 16, 2004

Holiday Cards: To Sign or Not To Sign - That is the Question

Every year there is a debate among marketers and PR practitioners as to personalization of holiday cards. Some actually question if they're worth sending at all - my answer is, NO, not if you don't plan to sign them by hand. Case and point: this year our firm sent out nearly 500 cards to colleagues, clients, prospects and media (yes, media). Each card was handwritten (we did not handwrite the labels). We also ordered the cards back in June and began the personalization process in September. Does it take a long time? YES! Is it worth it? YES! To date we have received accolades from card recpients in person, by letter and via e-mail. All have said thank you for the card and for taking the time to handwrite them. One former client called and asked for a meeting to begin working together again. A long-time prospect called and asked to meet over lunch.

Now I also mentioned that we sent holiday cards to members of the media but I need to clarify: we only sent cards to members of the media who we deal with regularly and who know one of us very very well. We did not send cards to people we just want to get to know. Remember, as with anything, would you pick a person's name out of a hat and send a card? NO! So be smart when sending cards to the media. Make sure you actually know the person (and they know you)!

So - all that said, Happy Holidays from eachof us at Furia Rubel Communications and from me, Gina Rubel, The PR Lawyer!

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