Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How to Deal with"Less than Newsworthy Law Firm News"

A good way to deal with the "less than newsworthy news" situation is to establish guidelines within your firm and stick to them. Another way is to just send the press release to the people section of your local legal pubs and weekly community newspapers where your offices are located with a captioned headshot. Include it on your website (as it will help with your search engine optimization) and then call it quits.

We have all seen the words "news release" and "press release" too. I looked to Joe Marconi's book, "Public Relations, The Complete Guide," for the definitions. He says the difference is that a News Release is just that: "newsworthy, timely and containing all pertinent facts and at least a degree of impact. A press release is not necessarily time sensitive, nor does it have apparent impact. It is, however, a story with elements both interesting and perhaps valuable to a consumer of information."

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