Thursday, December 13, 2007

Challenges of a CEO: Becoming Influential

As new communication channels open up and the communication habits of consumers change, it is getting harder to identify what medium is most effective when trying to communicate with your audience.

In the November 12, 2007 issue of PR Week, Erica Iacono reported that, “CEOs are facing more challenges than ever as they try to establish influence within their industries, communicate effectively with internal and external audiences, and maintain corporate reputation”…and I couldn’t agree more.

85.4% of CEO’s perceive an extreme importance to be known as an influencer in the industry. Here are some tactics CEOs across the country are implementing to maintain their influence among consumers:

-68.1% - offer online tools for customers to interact with each others products
-77.1% - utilize PR as a tool for development of their company’s overall strategy

To find out more information, check out the “True Test of Leadership” article here.

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