Tuesday, February 03, 2009

14 Ways to Use Your Reprint to Generate a Buzz

Posted by Gina Rubel

Article reprints are typically used to share a company’s key media placements. This PR tool often helps you / your company create a buzz, generate awareness and build a solid corporate reputation. A reprint also assists in communicating you / your company’s good news to your clients, prospects, colleagues, friends, family and competitors. The more often these audiences see the great work you / your company is doing, the more likely it is that they will remember you / your company when searching for products or services.

Reprints are used in many situations. They can be featured in company newsletters, sales collateral, handouts, presentations, flyers, direct mail and / or promotional materials. Reprints are typically used to showcase the media coverage your company has landed. However, this tool can also be used to generate a buzz among your target “publics” – hence the term “public relations.” Some great ways to use a reprint besides having copies for your files include:

1. Send it to customers / clients / prospective clients
2. Send it to vendors / strategic partners
3. Send it to employees / colleagues
4. Send it to associations / organizations in which you / your company belong
5. Add it to your e-mail signature
6. Place copies in your company lobby / your office
7. Add it to your Web site and linking it back to the actual article from the online publication
8. Display it in sales and promotional collateral material
9. Put it in your media kit
10. Include it in your newsletter (print and on-line)
11. Tweet about it on Twitter and create a “tiny url” to link to the article on your Web site
12. Upload it to LinkedIn and share with your groups
13. Post a link to it on your Facebook profile and share with your friends.
14. Place on your blog

Whatever the news may be, there are many ways to use a reprint to increase awareness of you / your company, your offerings, your community involvement, your products and to help retain current customers and generate new business.

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