Thursday, February 26, 2009

Searcher Friendly SEO

Posted by Katie Noonan

It's a novel idea. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so heavily focused on pleasing the Google Gods, that we often forget to consider that our target audience is really the searcher not the search engine. Sure we want pages to appear higher in Google search results, but not at the cost of quality Web site content.

Gerry McCovern of Ragan reminds readers of just this in his blog "Avoid Search Engine Optimization Madness."

After all, a high rank in Google search results doesn't really do a lot of good if it's not driving the right traffic to your Web site, e.g., people who want to buy your product or who seek your services.

There are other ways to build a quality (highly search engine optimized) page beside including a million links to Britney Spears, an example McGovern provides.

To boost your Google ranking and reach your target audience consider building Web sites that:
  • are content rich
  • are frequently updated
  • incorporate keywords that make sense and accurately describe your site
  • include quality links and link backs from reputable sites

SEO is an exciting and increasingly critical part of what we do at Furia Rubel. As newspapers continue to close their doors, the Internet is becoming the best vehicle for disseminating your message. As PR practitioners, we have had to be on the forefront of this shift. The strategy behind SEO is challenging but interesting stuff. Most importantly, it has to make sense and effectively reach your audience.

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