Thursday, March 05, 2009

Simplicity is Key

Posted by Amanda Walsh

A recent post on “The Future Buzz,” by Adam Singer, was about simplicity and staying focused. I like the “less is more” theory, especially when it is applied to public relations, marketing and Web design. I am sure many professionals would agree that they can easily drown in “information overload” on the Internet or the idea of being overcome with many messages through the Internet. Adam presents some interesting problems that can be solved by staying focused and straightforward in your approach.

Here are some dos and don’ts that will keep things simple and help PR practitioners stay focused in their approach to online PR:

Don’t make your blog overly extravagant. When a blog has too many bells and whistles such as banners or RSS feeds, it can be hard for the viewer to concentrate on the actual message. Do organize all the extras on other pages in logical clusters. “Simplicity makes everything stand out,” Adam advises. I agree that some of those “extras” may be helpful or necessary, but you should organize your blog with simplicity an ease of reading in mind.

Don’t issue “lengthy media pitches and press releases full of fluff.” Do target your audience and know the types of stories or “beats” that bloggers and/or journalists cover. Media pitches with links will grab attention. Another great piece of advice is to provide your message within the body of an E-mail and to be honest and descriptive in the subject line of all E-mails.

Don’t overload your Web site with information. Do keep all information organized. Using simplicity in Web design can be difficult, but keep in mind the action you would like your visitors to take and where you want them to click and read. Use those goals as guidelines when designing your Web site.

To read more of Adam’s advice for simplifying your approaches to online communications, check out this link. To learn more about "information overload" check out this article by

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