Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Morgan Stanley Intern in London was Right!

Posted by Amanda Walsh

A few months ago, fifteen-year-old, Matthew Robson, a Morgan Stanley intern in London eloquently wrote a report about his friends and their social media use in the UK. Check out my post about it here.

He simply said, “Teens don’t use Twitter” creating a media frenzy and a lot of debate in the blogging world about his basis of research. The report was anecdotal and based on his group of friends in the UK, but recent statistical research has shown, he had a point!

This report posted on via Business Insider and the Nielson Company with actual numbers to support the statement that “Teens don’t Tweet.”

According to the Nielsen report, users under the age of 25 only made up of 16% of U.S. Twitter users in the month of June.

Check out this graph from The Nielson Company (below) and to read more click here.

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