Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wikipedia Battens the Hatches – Social Media and the Law

As a regular blog contributor to The Legal Intelligencer Blog - I contribute articles regarding "media and the law." This could mean media relations, social media, high profile cases, trial publicity or how changes in communication and public relations are affected by the law. My latest post is about Wikipedia and their soon-to-be-launched editorial review for people profiles.

After the article appeared, I received a link from my father, Richard Furia, who is an attorney in Philadelphia. Dad shared this: Click here: John F. Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia regarding false information about the city's former mayor as Bozo the Clown. A follow up article was posted on titled "Some Ass Clown Punks Da Mayor On Wikipedia ." A fine example of how wikis can be misused and abused. Thanks Dad!

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