Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Why Blogging Should be a Priority in Your Social Media Strategy

Kevin O'Keefe wrote a good post today about the use of blogs by lawyers in their overall social media outreach. The point that Kevin makes is that blogs are a constant presence (if updated regularly) that can demonstrate the a full story of an individual's thought leadership, unlike efforts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

As with Facebook, blogs allow you to post video, images and links. Like LinkedIn, you can point colleagues to your blog to have them understand more about your specialties. And like Twitter, you can make a concise point on a blog. However, you also have the opportunity on a blog to elaborate on the methodology behind your reasoning.

The most important point, I believe, is that the blogger owns their content and "Web real estate" on their own blog. A social media platform may decrease in popularity or simply fall out of the spotlight, but a blog has true staying power if created strategically and effectively maintained.

Read Kevin's full post at Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

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