Friday, February 18, 2011

Facebook Pages Redesign & Small Business Opportunities

Posted by Amanda Walsh

I came across a useful article by Suzanne Vara on titled, Big Opportunities for Small Businesses in Facebook Pages Redesign.

The article goes through the ways to utilize Facebook's recent redesign of Business Pages in a direct step-by-step way. One noteworthy change is now page administrators have the ability to respond on the wall of the company page as the brand instead of as themselves on their personal Facebook account. To learn how to adjust your Facebook settings to do so, go here.

Now, it is possible to change settings so admins can also receive email notification in order to respond in a timely manner when a client/customer interacts on the page wall. There is also the ability to link your Facebook Page with Twitter.

Kudos to Suzanne for highlighting the changes on Facebook pages and showing small business owners the best ways to capitalize on them. Check out her useful article to learn more!

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