Monday, May 23, 2011

Android Devices Prone To Leak Account Information

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Posted by Amanda Walsh

Many of us at Furia Rubel have Android-powered smartphones and were disturbed to hear of recent news about the possibility of our devices leaking private account information!

According to an article by Christina DesMarais, despite the recent release of Andoid 2.3.4, “devices that sync with Picasa web albums will transmit sensitive data through unencrypted channels.”

Public Wi -Fi zones can prove to be a hot bed for attacks, as well. When a user logs into their Calendar, Twitter, Facebook or another type of account on their phone, an “authentication token” is produced and is valid for 14 days. If a hacker were to intercept that token, they could easily log in to the user's accounts.

Google says it’s aware of the problem with Picasa, but the search giant faces issues with getting cellular partners to be sure to upgrade to the latest OS versions. Another disturbing point noted by Dan Goodin from The Register is that many Verizon customers are using the Android 2.2.2 system with vulnerabilities that have been known for some time now. Verizon urges customers to use secure networks, but says “it will provide customers with an updated version of Android.”

Until that time, be sure to check your phone settings and only use secure Wi- Fi connections.

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