Friday, June 24, 2011

Top News In Public Relations, Social Media And Marketing This Week

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Check out some of the top news and resources that Furia Rubel was reading this week:

• Mashable - Google Sites Now Automatically Render for Mobile
• Mashable - The Battle for Yahoo’s Future
• Wall Street Journal - Feds to Launch Probe of Google
• Tech Crunch - Google Responds To FTC Inquiry: “Using Google Is A Choice”
• Inc. Magazine - How to Market Your Business Using Google Places
• Burrelles Luce Fresh Ideas Blog - Cause Marketing - Personal Word-Of-Mouth and TV Most Influence Engagement of Generation Y

Today we discovered, a website that explains the meaning of commonly-used words in the news. I thought I would also share this article called, The weirdest words in English - from A to Z

Have a great weekend!

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