Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Facebook Users Can Now Video Chat

Posted by Amanda Walsh

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Facebook announced today that users can now use their social networking site to video chat with friends.

According to the blog post, Facebook has been working with Skype to bring the feature to their over 750 million users in an easy-to-use way.

In addition to this announcement, Facebook will be rolling out a highly-requested, multi-person chat feature and a new design to make it easy to see the people who you message the most in the chat sidebar. To see some of the Facebook videos posted already, check out this link.

Most interesting about this news is the recent acquisition of Skype by Microsoft. This article by Om Malik from notes that Microsoft is an investor in Facebook. Malik points out that the biggest winner in the deal was Facebook because it is now able to bring video chatting capabilities to Facebook users with the services from Skype. Check out his article:

Who are you going to Facebook chat with today?

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