Monday, July 25, 2011

LinkedIn Simplifies The Job Application Process

Posted by Leah Ludwig

LinkedIn is one of my favorite professional-focused social networking sites. At Furia Rubel, we regularly encourage our colleagues, clients, friends and family members to jump onboard and join the business-minded conversation. It is a great tool for professional networking, and now this social networking site has taken its offerings to a new level.

This week LinkedIn announced that it will be launching a Web plug-in that allows employers to add a one-click “Apply with LinkedIn” button to their job postings. The goal is to make the job application process as simple as a click. To see how it all works, go to Apply with LinkedIn or watch the YouTube video demonstration below.

What I think is really unique about this new feature is that “Apply with LinkedIn” allows applicants to adjust their profile information to suit the position to which they are applying before they submit the job application. After they submit, the confirmation screen displays people in the applicant's LinkedIn network who work at the company, allowing them to connect or ask for a referral.

Some of the first companies to debut the “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their company websites (besides LinkedIn) include Netflix, TripIt, Photobucket and many others. LinkedIn is also working with the top applicant tracking systems to help them match the best candidates to the right jobs.

This feature is a win-win for employers and job seekers.

From the employer's perspective, adding this plug-in to one’s company website can be easily managed. The LinkedIn interface can be utilized to create the application and can also be custom-branded. The employer can then manage submissions efficiently and use several applicant tracking systems to help match candidates to appropriate positions.

Job seekers also benefit from this LinkedIn feature. Using LinkedIn as the primary point of contact in a job application helps to make maintaining one’s profile more manageable. No longer is there a need to maintain several versions of one’s resume or to worry about email attachments and file formats making it through the email sphere to the appropriate contact.

I give the new application two thumbs up and look forward to watching it take flight. If you are a company looking to bring on new employees, perhaps this is a good tool for you to explore.

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