Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts on Client Relations and Building Client Loyalty

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Gina Rubel and Laura Powers have been at the Legal Marketing Association conference (Twitter Hashtag - #LMA12) in Dallas over the past few days, learning about emerging trends in legal marketing. We have been following along with their tweets and Facebook postings. Yesterday, Gina shared this blog post on The Legal Water Cooler Blog by @heather_morse called, “Why do some people stay, and some people leave?

Heather recaps LMA 2012 keynote speaker James Kane’s talk on client loyalty. I visited Kane’s website yesterday and watched his speaker video. Although, I’m not attending the LMA conference with my colleagues, I can understand why his speech was a big hit with conference attendees and a popular topic on Twitter. He seems to be a charismatic and informative speaker who picked a topic that many legal marketers can relate to and understand.

Morse summarizes Kane’s keynote in a thoughtful way, summarizing that loyalty stems from trust, belonging and purpose, as well as looking to the future in the relationship. To read more of Heather’s recap of Kane’s speech, visit The Legal Water Cooler Blog.

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