Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Social Media Stories / Trends

Posted by Leah Ludwig

As I was perusing my usual favorite sites and feeds (my LinkedIn Today newsfeed, Mashable.com, Ragan.com, etc.) for PR and marketing industry news, I came across some intriguing social media posts. Some of the posts below address global / national issues and happenings and how social media is being integrated into or utilized for each situation. Others are articles that stood out to me as ones that I wanted to make sure to share with our readers as an FYI or for general best practice knowledge.

•    How New Orleans is using social media to prepare for Isaac (Ragan.com)
•    Facebook and CNN Launch Hub for Election Insights (Mashable.com)
•    Watch Out for This Sneaky Facebook Scam Disguised as a Photo Notification (Mashable.com)
•    Should You Hire Staff Based on Their Klout Score? (Mashable.com)
•    How to be a Twitter standout (Ragan.com)
•    Digital lessons from Martha Stewart (Ragan.com)
•    3 Ways Marketers Can Leverage the New LinkedIn (Social Media Examiner)
•    The two times of day brands should avoid tweeting (Ragan.com)


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