Monday, August 06, 2012

YouTube Pushing Its Users to Switch to Their Real Names

YouTube wants you to use your real name when uploading videos, making playlists and especially when leaving comments on its platform. In a recent announcement, the video-centric social media network housed under the Google umbrella encouraged users to connect their anonymous YouTube usernames and accounts, for example laserscooter7 with his or her Google+ profile which shows a real name like John Smith.

According to, Google’s reason for the change is to proactively combat and eliminate abusive and crude comments from anonymous users. If a user has to use his or her first and last name when interacting on YouTube, perhaps they won’t be so quick to leave vulgar remarks on other user’s videos.

Before users decide to commit to the change, however, there is an option to review a history of their comments, playlists and videos uploaded from the account over the years, allowing users to clean up their account by hiding or deleting old postings, if necessary. However, the change isn’t mandatory for all users. Those with a well-known channel and fan base can opt-out from using their real name.

The announcement on the YouTube blog drew many comments. One commenter noted that changing a username to a Google+ full name does not change the YouTube URL of the channel. Thus, the person will always have Many users are reluctant to tie their Google+ profile to YouTube because of the lack of user base on Google+.

Google was tightlipped about other changes to the video sharing platform, but users are vocal with a variety of suggestions for possible future YouTube upgrades and improvements. Do you think removing user anonymity will reduce crude comments?
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