Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Search, Social and Content Marketing Webinar Hosted by Arnie Kuenn

by Liz Jenei

I recently participated in a webinar hosted by Target Marketing Group:  “How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing” by Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures. Kuenn shared details regarding how to achieve success through search, social and content marketing in today’s Google-driven world.

The most important point I took away from the webinar is that people using the Internet are mostly online for one reason: to find the answer to a question.

Of the people using Google as a search engine, 46 percent are searching for answers to a question and 26 percent are looking to be educated on a particular topic. Combined, there is an average of 72 percent of the people using online search engines to seek an answer to a question —so when you think about how to create content that will populate at the top of Google searches, draft your content in the form of questions people ask and the answers people are seeking.

Kuenn says one of the easiest ways to come up with good search worthy content is to start within your own company by asking your employees the simple question: What do you get asked most about our company or the services we offer? This is something our CEO, Gina Rubel, has been saying for years. In fact, she tells staff and clients to keep a notepad next to the telephone to record the questions that are most frequently asked. The answers to those questions will almost always serve as excellent blog content or content for website FAQs.

Those same questions are inevitably the questions that qualified and interested parties are going to search on Google, Yahoo! and Bing to seek answers.

Another great tip is to use Google-suggested search to find top industry keywords. You can do this by going to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool under “Tools and Analysis” and conducting a search for keywords relevant to your topic. I should also note that you need a Google account to access Google Adwords – a simple and free Gmail account will suffice.

For example, if I was the marketing manager for a law firm in center city Philadelphia, I would most certainly have the key phrases “Law Firms Located in Center City” in either a blog on my website or on the company website itself after seeing that it’s one of the first phrases to populate on Google.

Another important point Kuenn makes is that spending most of your efforts in compiling effective, smart and compelling content can be even more successful than social media tactics. While social media is effective and can drive viewers to your website, well thought out, searchable content statistically drives more views than social media.

New content is also important. Kuenn highly suggests having a company blog and updating it as much as possible. Companies that blog (or create new content) 15 times or more a month have five times the amount of traffic than those which do not have new content. 

So when it comes to having a search worthy site, the key point to remember is to have great, searchable content which is updated regularly and incorporates keywords.

Kuenn’s full PowerPoint presentation of How to Win at Search, Social and Content Marketing is available on Slideshare.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Really appreciate the coverage on your blog. Great recap of the webinar.

And really glad to see your CEO is pushing content that answers the questions your prospect and clients are asking!