Monday, March 10, 2014

How Does Your Advertising Message Hit Their Screens?

By Kim Tarasiewicz
Advertising Message is the “meat” of advertising or a commercial that attempts to convey what the advertiser intends through words and/or pictures.

That definition would have seemed simple 10 years ago, but with today’s ever-changing technology, advertising message can get lost in the clutter of emails, text messages, and other “device” campaigns. In advertising, one size does not fit all and finding the right message is as important as finding the right mix of media. Many consumers will have several screens open at their office or home at any given time during the day, so it may take sending the right message several times to build on your impact.

Initially, it’s important to clearly define your customer or client and then determine how they receive their messages. It may take some research to get the correct information, but this time spent will benefit the advertising dollars you will spend during the year. Consider a different format when serving your message to suit the needs of your customer. For example, a webinar or seminar will provide educational opportunities for the customer while allowing additional time spent with them to get your marketing message out there. While creative ads are fun, some industries call for a more formal approach, so know your customers and be consistent when communicating with them.

Google Analytics can be a great resource for determining how your customers read your text messages or which search engine they use most. When developing a campaign, add in a tracking mechanism such as unique phone numbers or website addresses and continue to check and re-check what is working and adjust for what is not. If using a software platform in your marketing, be sure it is one with the ability to adjust as you narrow down your customer focus. This will allow you to see what works for future decisions and advertising budgets.

How many Monday mornings do you open email and save it saying “I will read that later?” Your consumer is doing the same thing, which makes it important to get your message out quickly so as they scroll through messages during the day, your message stands out as most important. We found a great advertisement that captures the attention of everyone in the subway of Sweden. Now, while most companies won’t be able to go to these extremes; it shows the importance of an attention-grabbing campaign. When sending a message, quickly identify your company, be focused on the information you wish to portray, and give your customer something of value or make them feel special. If done properly, you have enticed them to visit your website, so be sure to keep current items on the site and be available to customers by checking your contact information regularly.

Whether using one of many new technologies, a billboard on the side of a highway, or a good old printed brochure, successful marketing relies on targeting your message by knowing your customer and their preferences and then giving them easy ways to contact you.

What has been your most creative way of finding your target audience?

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