Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

By Gina Rubel

I received a lovely compliment on Facebook from a public relations colleague regarding The PR Lawyer blog. He said, “I love your blog. It's so rich with content and seems to be the epitome of what they say a "corporate" blog should be.” First, I want to thank him! We’re honored.

He also asked about tips for getting started. Here is what I responded:

1. Find out what your audience wants and give them that.
2. Make sure your blog is branded.
3. Be transparent with what your posts.
4. Always have integrity.
5. Update at the very minimum three times per week.
6. Promote your blog in all of your communications.
7. Post news and commentary - be an information resource.
8. Encourage comments on your blog.
9. Provide links to articles and individuals when mentioned on your blog.
10. Have fun with your blog.

Happy blogging (and on a side note, “GO EAGLES.”). Can’t help but smile today!

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