Monday, January 12, 2009

Three Words PR Professionals Need to Avoid

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Certain words have become so ingrained in the PR industry that many professionals may find it hard to choose other word options. Drew Kerr, president and founder of the New York City-based public relations consultancy, Four Corners Communications, Inc., has put out a call to all PR professionals to eliminate the overused words "excited," "thrilled," and "honored" from their press releases.

During the past 60 days, Kerr searched Google News and found over 500 examples of "we are excited to be" in press releases about company executives! I agree with Kerr when he advises that a press release should talk about the benefits of the specific deal for all the parties involved, instead of simply saying how "excited" the CEO is to begin a new relationship. And, when writing about a newly-hired employee, be specific in their talents and skills that they are bringing to the company instead of simply stating, "thrilled."

Let's all get out our thesauruses and brainstorm other ways to describe new partnership deals or employee promotions! To read more about Kerr's thoughts, please go here.

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