Thursday, July 30, 2009 is Live!

Posted by Amanda Walsh

According to an email we received yesterday morning, is now a live Web site. We wanted to share some of the new features on the site with ThePRLawyer’s readers. NBC seems to have positioned the news site as a social media tool that combines news, entertainment and events going on in and around Philadelphia.
  • Philadelphians can share what’s happening in the city, report news, update and comment on NBC Philadelphia stories and/or use Twitter or Facebook to share it all. Essentially, it is a place where conversations can take place.
  • An outlet to share how a story makes you feel. Check in with the city’s mood by seeing how others feel about events or news happening right now. Sad, intrigued, bored or furious? Read the article and add your two cents.
  • Stay up-to-date on what events are happening in the city on the Features event postings page.
  • Find out where the best places to shop are, and where to find deals and sales. Insider scoop on where to spend your money!

I just spent a few minutes surfing the site. It’s pretty neat, especially the “mood” poll that is posted next to every article. Readers can vote on how an article made them feel. Right now the poll shows that Philadelphia is sad about Jim Johnson’s passing, but intrigued by Michael Jackson’s chef speaking out about the singer.

Check out the new site at

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