Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rubel and James Present Promotion and Productivity for Lawyers CLE Sponsored by Lawline.com

Posted by Katie Noonan

Gina F. Rubel, Esq., attorney and public relations expert and Neen James, international productivity expert recently presented “Promotion and Productivity for Lawyers,” an online CLE (continuing legal education course) sponsored by Lawline.com. The CLE can be accessed by clicking here.

From the courtroom to the conference table, attorneys are more strapped for time than ever. That’s why it is essential that attorneys and law firms develop the tools they need to be more productive in their work style, communications and public relations. The seminar teaches attorneys that by taking as little as fifteen minutes each day, they can increase their productivity as much as 30 percent; an increase that if implemented firm wide, could have a significant impact on the firm’s reputation and ability to grow.

In this course, viewers will learn how to determine their own productivity style to get more done in their day, proactively communicate with internal and external audiences and boost the firm’s overall productivity and its bottom line. This program is presented by the women who wrote the books on doing so. Public relations expert and attorney, Gina Rubel, and international productivity expert, Neen James, provide viewers with the tools they need to be more productive, proactive and efficient during their work day and in their communications. In this course, lawyers will learn:

  • How to identify and leverage your personal productivity style
  • How 15 minute investments can increase your productivity by 30%
  • How to identify your productive communications style
  • How to implement proactive strategies for everyday public relations
  • To understand the ethical implications of your legal promotions and networking
  • How to productivity develop and implement strategies for internal and external communications

all the while understanding the ramifications of the state legal codes, and how to apply the codes to communications, sales and public relations, what you can and cannot say, which rules govern multi-state practices and where to go for help.

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