Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another Social Media Profile Site?!?

By Amanda Walsh

Now that I’m back in the office in Bucks County, Pa., at Furia Rubel Communications, I’m getting back into the groove of being constantly connected to computers and technology. I have been taking time to update all of my social media outlets and profiles to be up-to-date with my summer plans at home.

I came across this article from Barry Hurd on 123SocialMedia, which showcases his top three social media site suggestions for building professional profiles. He recommends LinkedIn, Google Profiles and Facebook. For some months now, Furia Rubel’s CEO, Gina Rubel has been writing the “Social Media for Lawyers” blog series on the Legal Intelligencer Blog and also highly recommends both Linkedin and Facebook. To read more check out Gina’s articles here.

I found Hurd’s article very informative as it brought to my attention a Google feature I am unfamiliar with - creating a Google profile. Some benefits of creating a profile with Google include:
  • Search Engine Optimization that will bring your profile up in web searches on Google.
  • A Friend Connect feature where people can ‘join’ your site and leave comments or interact with you or each other. Learn more about Friend Connect here.
  • An area to share links to a blog or other online credentials. You can even post your LinkedIn and Facebook pages on your Google profile which integrates the links all in one area.

The reason why a Google profile seems interesting to me is that it has the clout of the Google name behind it as well as the benefit of raising your level of Search Engine Optimization in Google. These are two benefits that I noticed right away. As of now, I’m not sure of too many other features that set it apart from other sites of this type. I just created my Google profile here and will be building and expanding on it in the near future – stay tuned.

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