Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Review: “Shut Up and Say Something” By Karen Friedman

Karen Friedman hits the nail on the head in her newly-released book, “Shut Up and Say Something.”

Right from the beginning with chapter one, “Zip It” to chapters “Talk to your Grandmother” and “Reality Check,” Friedman presents attention-grabbers.  “The backward Z-to-A format reminds us to keep the end goal (Z) in mind when faced with daily communication challenges that are frequently met with resistance and skepticism.” How clever.

“Shut Up and Say Something” is outlined with easy to read bullet points and relevant anecdotes from Friedman’s years in the industry from working as a news anchor and reporter to her experience in the communications coaching business.  She presents key points when dealing with the media and proves their importance through some cringe worthy real-life anecdotes.  She clearly demonstrates just how one sound bite or off-the-cuff remark can be linked to you and/or your organization forever.

As we know at Furia Rubel, excellent communications skills can make or break your success within an organization and this book is shaping up to be an excellent guide to training clients in media relations.  We recommend this for any level executive in a variety of industries looking to successfully navigate the often perplexing communications terrain.

According to the website, “Shut Up and Say Something is an entirely new hands-on approach to help professionals overcome daily communication challenges in order to quickly influence listeners and decision makers.” 

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Great work Karen! 

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