Friday, October 28, 2011

Helpful SEO Website Resources

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Posted by Amanda Walsh

To follow a recent post about SERPs and Eye Tracking Research, I thought I would share some go-to resources for the latest news in the SEO arena. Furia Rubel's Vice President of Marketing, Laura Powers, helped to pull the list together. These are some of the websites that we visit frequently to learn more about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and other best practices, news and trends. 

Search Engine Watch
Some interesting links on Search Engine Watch are: Most U.S. Moms on Facebook, But May Be a Tough Crowd for Marketers [Study] and Google Opens Dynamic Search Ads Program

SEOmoz Blog
This post includes a video: How Big is Your Long Tail? – Whiteboard Friday 

ClickZ Search Section
A few resources on ClickZ are: Google+ and +1  and Just Because They Liked You, Doesn't Mean They'll Convert 

Media Post’s Search Marketing Daily
This article on Media Post discusses industry news regarding Google+ and Microsoft's Bing: Why Google Has To 'Get' Platforms: It's The Future Of Search

Website Magazine SEO / SEM Resources

Search Engine Land

Did we miss an important resource? Feel free to leave a comment below with the URL for additional SEO / SEM news outlets. Have a great weekend!

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