Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gina Rubel quoted in SmartCEO magazine's Women in Business issue

Gina Rubel, President/CEO of Furia Rubel Communications was quoted in a recent SmartCEO magazine column, “Ladies Room, ” about women in business. The author, Mark Carrow, managing partner of Citrin Cooperman's tax accounting, business consulting, and valuation services office in Philadelphia, quoted Rubel as saying:

“It is important for women to have confidence and capitalize on their natural abilities to develop and nurture relationships. “Being successful in business means building and maintaining great relationships. That includes your colleagues, referral sources, competitors, customers and even the media.” She said, “It also means not to be afraid to speak up, having integrity, never stepping on toes, and always knowing who else is in the ladies’ room.”

Other notable women quoted in the article include Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young law partner Linda A. Galante, Esq., president of FranWise, Mary O'Connell, forensic accountant Colleen Vallen, and former PA Supreme Court Justice, The Honorable Sandra Schultz Newman.

Rubel adds, “What does it take to update your LinkedIn profile, share your good news on Facebook, write an article for a trade publication, or update your online corporate bio? Not much effort with a great deal of return.”

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