Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Must Reads About LinkedIn, Twitter, Social Media and More

Furia Rubel Social Media Illustrations (Copyright 2013 )
I recently shared a number of article links on my various social networking profiles. However, I believe these articles are so valuable that I am re-posting links here. Enjoy.


The Secret Benefit of LinkedIn Endorsements - (Social Media Today)

8 Ways to Get More Leads for Your Business on LinkedIn - (Social Media Examiner)


Your Tweets Are Now More Important Than Your Resume - (Business Insider)

6 Truths About Using Twitter that Traditionalists Might Not Want to Hear -

Seven Easy Ways To Expand Your Business With Twitter - (

Social Media Tips and Tricks

How to Size Images for Social Media: Cheat Sheet - (

How to Choose the Right Social Media Management System to Scale your Social Media Marketing -  (

Blogging / Writing / Content

The Science of Storytelling (For better blogs) - (

PR Firm Gets Client’s Site Blacklisted for Duplicate Content - (

Business Productivity

Multitasking Paradox - (Harvard Business Review)


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