Thursday, February 07, 2013

How to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day and Grow Your Business

Posted by: Liz Jenei

Although Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with showing your loved ones affection by showering them with candy and flowers, here are five ways to use the holiday strategically to  spread the love, grow your business and pay it forward in the name of social good.

1. Say Thank You and Connect
Instead of writing a love letter to just your Valentine or friend, use the holiday as an excuse to write an email or handwritten letter to someone who has inspired you recently and let them know that they are doing a great job. It could be a congressman, activist, a client or even a local hero—anyone you think deserves recognition. Tell them how appreciative you are of their work, and you could even ask them to meet for coffee. This way you are not only saying thank you to someone who deserves it, but for those you don’t know personally, you are also expanding your network.

2. Organize an Office-Wide Fundraiser
The week before Valentine’s Day, send an email out to your company telling them you are organizing an in-house fundraiser for a local charity of choice. Ask everyone to bring in $1 to $5 to give to the cause by Thursday, February 14th and you can give candy out to those who donate as a thank you.  Think about the organizations that are most affected by the types of products or services you provide. It is always important to align yourself with targeted industries and organizations. Some examples of where donations can be sent are: your local food pantry or homeless shelter, the Sandy Relief Fund via The American Red Cross Disaster Relief  program, your regional United Way or the ASPCA.  

3. Speak and Treat
Provide a free seminar on a topic of value to a local nursing home or educational institution the week of Valentine’s Day. It could be a resume writing workshop at a nearby college, or a tax filing question and answer session at a nursing home. You could even bring some healthy Valentine’s Day themed treats as a way to thank attendees.

4. Wear Your e-Heart on Your Sleeve
Use Valentine’s Day to increase your social networking connections.  Link an article relating to the special day on your Twitter-account, and hashtag a few keywords to optimize views such as #valentinesday or #Vday.  If you decide to organize a charitable event, talk about it using hashtags #socialgood #volunteer #charity #philanthropy or something similar. This will help bring views to your social networking profile, expand your network and potentially drive traffic to your business. Try to link a post that has to do with Valentine’s Day and your business, like this one provided by Search Engine Watch about Valentine’s Day marketing tips and keywords  or even the one you are reading right now.

5. Volunteer
Valentine’s Day is a great excuse and reminder to volunteer and give back to your community. Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or donate a coat or blanket to the Salvation Army, helping those who are in need is a wonderful way to spread the love and boost your moral.  You can even ask your company to get involved-- asking everyone to bring a warm clothing donation either they or one of their family members has outgrown for when you schedule your donation pick up.  This could also help with the overall internal moral of the office staff because doing good makes you feel good.

So this Valentine’s Day, besides giving your sweetie a box of chocolates, use the holiday to grow your business, and pay it forward, because there is certainly more than one way to spread the love.  

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Steve Klinghoffer said...

It's these out of the box marketing techniques that will help to get your law firm noticed. There's nothing wrong with leveraging a holiday or other big event in order to promote your practice in a unique way.