Monday, February 04, 2013

New Jersey Bona Fide Office Rule Change Closes Doors - The Legal Intelligencer Blog

As you know, Gina F. Rubel is a regular blogger for The Legal Intelligencer. She often writes about legal marketing and ethics, social media and the law and much more. Last week, Gina shared a post about a recent state Supreme Court amendment to NJ Rule 1:21-1 (Bona Fide Office). Gina shared the following excerpt from the ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct which highlights the specific revisions to the rule:

"The modifications, which take effect Feb. 1, drop a controversial mandate that required lawyers to maintain a fixed physical office location. However, the amended rule instructs lawyers who don't have a fixed office location to:
  • maintain a system ensuring ‘prompt and reliable communication’ with clients, other attorneys and courts, such as a telephone service staffed during ordinary business hours, or a promptly returned voicemail or email service;
  • be available for in-person consultations requested by clients at mutually convenient times and places;
  • designate an actual location for inspection of files and records, hand deliveries and service of process; and
  • fill out a form appointing the clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court as agent for service of process.”
Read the full blog post and learn more about the modifications to NJ Rule 1:21-1 by visiting The Legal Intelligencer blog.

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