Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Networking Advantages for PR Grads – Follow Up to Micallef’s Post

M. Micallef, is a Brisbane, QUEENSLAND, Australia attorney with a national law firm who is in his also a student at Deakin University studying for a bachelor’s degree in public relations. He’s also a blogger and maintains “Opportunities and Information for PR Graduates.”

In a May 30, 2007 post titled Networking Advantages for PR Grads, Micallef provides students with information about how they can use blogs, podcasts and social media to network and then refers to my blog post “Online Rants Raves and Resumes: The Digital Dirt You Leave Behind.” For some reason, his link takes readers to a different post so hopefully, when you get here, you’ll find this post.

Sidebar: One thing I love about the Internet is that is has opened the global gates of communication. This morning, I sit here at home preparing for my work day. I add a post to my blog as part of a global discussion with my “mate” (used as an Aussie term meaning male friend) on the other side of the globe. In 1977, when I was a young girl, I had a pen pal in Sydney, Australia and it took us weeks to get information to one another through snail mail. I have a dear friend from Oz, Neen James, who now lives just miles away from me in dear old Doylestown. If you don’t know who she is, check out her website, http://www.neenjames.com/. She provides valuable productivity and networking information for everyone!

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ManeyDigital said...

Great post. It used to be that we said the Internet made the world smaller. The reality is that it obliterated any concept of geographic walls. I work with people I've never met in person, folks in Salt Lake City, Sydney, London and what is most likely a cabana on the beach in Santa Barbara. I've worked from a boat in the middle of a lake, had IM conversations doing 80mph on the highway (I wasn't driving), and even had a chat session with a former client while he was 35k feet in the air over the Atlantic.

What the 'net tore down geographically, it has opened up socially and culturally.

And, I've done it all from here:


(Hint: See if you recognize the location of the picture)