Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We Hit The Five Year Mark!

Five years ago on June 12, 2002, I filed the Furia Rubel incorporation papers as my special 33rd birthday gift to me! What started out solo has evolved into my very own certified women-owned agency with a solid niche in legal communications and divisions serving the non-profit, healthcare, and professional service industries. Since then, I've presented PR educational programs in several states and have taught continuing legal education programs for hundreds of attorneys on the East Coast. Yes, I am certainly tooting my own horn.

When I started Furia Rubel, I believed I could provide efficient and effective strategic public relations solutions to clients and still have a balanced family life. I was right. According to client feedback (I always ask for feedback), corporate growth (or as my accountant would put it, the financials) and the time I get to spend having dinner and playing outside with Scott and the kids, I have definitely reached my personal goal.

I absolutely love what I do. I work with an extremely talented and dedicated pool of women who care about our clients, care about the community, and care about our company. I’m personally indebted to each and every one of my teammates, my husband, parents and clients because without them, we wouldn’t be celebrating a fifth anniversary in business. That said, if it wasn't for my mother who takes care of the kids after school and helps me put dinner on the table, I'd have just a few more grey hairs. . . . and believe me, there are already enough!

I really have to say that starting my own public relations agency was the best business decision I have ever made. The second best decision I made was to only partner with clients who value our services and understand that public relations is an investment not an expense.

My motto and one that everyone on our team must embrace is, “To think about failure is to invite failure and to think about success is to experience it.” Funny thing though, today I attended a Women's Business Forum meeting and when I answered a friend's question, "how's business?," I responded, "Great - I'm just hoping we land the three accounts in our pipeline this month." She then told me not to "hope" but to "believe" - and referred to the book, "The Secret." I guess it's time for me to read it and believe!

I look forward to ringing in our silver anniversary in twenty years but for now, savor the fifth anniversary symbol of wood which signifies strength and solidified relationships.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to beat the five-year odds!

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