Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best 50 Women in Business - PA

On Monday, May 19th, I had the distinct pleasure to spend time with some of Pennsylvania's most amazing women at Pennsylvania's Best 50 Women in Business 2008. We had a fantastic reception at the Governor's mansion where Judge Midge Rendell shared some words and insights.

Governor Edward G. Rendell congratulated this year's Best 50 Women in Business stating that the "varied accomplishments reflect of the state's economic growth and diversity." He said, "[These women demonstrate] how varied and talented the commonwealth's professional landscape has become."

Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker Knoll also congratulated each recipient with a formal recognition. (Pictured L to R: Lt. Governor Baker Knoll, Gina Rubel, C. Scott Rubel.)

(Photo by Bonnie Squires. L to R: Gina Rubel, Donna Teitelman and Kimberle Levin)

Gina Rubel and Bonnie Squires.

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