Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To: Promote Your Business Facebook Page

Posted by Amanda Walsh

Last month I shared a “HowTo” post about creating a custom username for your Facebook page for your company or business. I want to continue that conversation today with some great tips on how to share that Facebook page with your audience. I came across "3 Less Known by Effective Ways to Share Your Facebook Page" from Search Engine Journal.com written by Ann Smarty.

* Don’t overlook the power of the “Share” button. Sometimes this easily hidden button toward the bottom of the page can become lost and forgotten. When you press the share button, the page is posted to your Facebook wall for your friends to see. Always remember to add a relevant call to action for your friends to check out the page!

* You can “Tag” your page when relevant. For example, when sharing information about a client or helpful news on your Facebook profile. We include a tag to the Furia Rubel Facebook page in our posts when they have useful news for fans of the Furia Rubel Facebook page. It works the same as tagging a friend or colleague, simply start with the @ sign and type in the page you want to tag.

* You can add your page as a “Favorite” to other pages. I didn’t know about this tip but it seems really useful -especially if you administer multiple pages. Ann brings up a good point that as of right now, Facebook does not allow you to add your page to other people’s favorites. You can always ask, though! She notes, “you can only add to pages you administer, NOT the pages you created. So if you want to use the page you created, ask one of your page administrators to do that (weird, I know. I hope this is a bug and will be fixed soon)”

Just a few more tips to promote your Facebook page and connect with your audience through social media. To read more, go here.

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