Friday, August 13, 2010

Plane Tickets Through Facebook? Delta Makes It Possible

Posted by Amanda Walsh

I just read on Mashable and InformationWeek that Delta Airlines has made a Facebook application allowing users to purchase flights via the company’s Facebook page. A new “Ticket Window” tab on the Delta Facebook page lets you find and purchase your flights without ever leaving

There is also the ability to share your flight details with friends on Facebook. Since the Ticket Window is so new, I haven’t heard if there is a privacy feature allowing you to decide if you want to share your flight announcement with others or not.

The thing I like most about this news story is not necessarily the Ticket Window announcement (which is cool!) but the fact that Delta realized that people are increasingly using social media to follow and connect with their favorite brands.

Bob Kupbens, Delta’s VP of eCommerce is quoted in the InformationWeek article, "our customers are spending more time online and are looking for new ways to connect with us. We're now delivering technology where our customers are – from our own website to our Facebook page to Internet news sites and beyond."

The Delta team seems to be listening to their audience and making changes to best accommodate them. In addition to the Facebook application, Delta recently re-designed their website for customer ease of use and is discussing interactive web advertising and even iPhone applications. I noticed they also have an active Twitter account with conversations and retweets.

It’s hard to say whether the Ticket Window will be a success or a failure right now. I think it’s an exciting announcement and an example of the endless possibilities for companies to serve their clients via social media.
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