Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Status of Our Philadelphia Attorneys

Daniel A. Cirucci, a public relations professional and former associate executive director of the Philadelphia Bar Association, recently wrote an article titled the Sad tale of Philly lawyers in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Cirucci discusses how a well-known Philadelphia-area magazine cover recently posed the question, “Who killed the Philadelphia lawyer?” Cirucci takes a moment to disagree with the cover by demonstrating how neither greed, mergers nor ego have killed the Philadelphia lawyer. “To the contrary, legal business in the city and the region appears to be booming. There are nearly 16,000 lawyers in Philadelphia now and the magazine points out that one in five Center City offices are occupied by law firms.”

Cirucci goes on to address a laundry list of falsities and realities within the Philadelphia legal realm. Cirrucci concludes the article by reminding his readers, “Don't worry about Philadelphia lawyers. They'll be around as long as humans are imperfect. And that's not such a bad thing. In fact, it's good for the city because, for better or worse, these lawyers are vital to the local economy. Without the tax revenue that the lawyers, their employees and their firms generate, the city would probably go under.”

This article is a must-read - check it out!

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