Monday, August 11, 2008

Awards Programs- Tips from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers - Part 2

Here are a few more tips on implementing awards programs to build your business. Please see some of our tips and tactics below.

Creating Awards for Your Target Audiences

  • The premise of an awards program is to celebrate those companies and indi­viduals who exemplify the characteristics that resonate with your firm’s culture. Awards programs should also have meaning and be created because your firm has something to say.

Here are some things you should be thinking about when you are creating an award:

  • Are we trying to reach a particular niche industry or market segment?
  • Are there any prominent figureheads in our industry or firm for whom the award should be named?
  • Is there a unique innovation, program or methodology that has helped people, the community or target industry that can be acknowledged?

For more important tips on awards programs, read Chapter 7 in Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers. Excerpt from Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers, Copyright 2007. Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. To purchase the book, click here.

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